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Why You Need To Be Careful With Social Media When It Comes To Your Personal Injury Claim

Were you involved in a car accident that resulted in damages so severe that your West Palm Beach car accident lawyers helped you move your case outside Florida’s no-fault system to file a third-party claim against the at-fault driver?

Deciding to file a personal injury lawsuit is not as simple as you might like to think. Complicated personal injury cases involve extensive investigations to understand what happened during the accident to prove the at-fault party of their guilt for causing the car wreck. Not many people realize it, but how you use your social media platforms can potentially put your personal injury lawsuit at great risk and impact your chances of a favorable outcome for your case.

So, before you decide to post anything on your Instagram stories, make a Facebook post, or Tweet about your accident for potentially everyone on the internet to see, you must understand the risks involved with taking such actions. Today’s post will discuss how using social media can ruin the hard work you have been doing with West Palm Beach car accident lawyers on your personal injury claim.

Social Media Use And Personal Injury 

You must have seen a ton of posts about injuries people have suffered while using different social media platforms. So many viral videos circulate on Twitter and other social media platforms showing people being injured by falling objects, car accidents, and other such instances that clearly highlight who was at fault for causing the accidents resulting in those injuries.

People use their social media profiles as a way to share their lives with others, be it for validation or just to update their family and friends without telling each of them individually. However, involving the people closest to you in your life in situations like these can have consequences for you.

Why Careless Social Media Use Can Damage Your Personal Injury Claim

The posts you make on social media can be regarded as written material in evidence during a case, much like text messages you send to others. If your posts are available for the world to see on the internet and the defense team of the at-fault party comes across them, it can negatively impact your case. People are hardly ever careful when using their social media profiles because they are personal at the end of the day. There is always a chance that you can state something wrong about the facts surrounding the case, and the defense can use it against you when defending the at-fault party.

Your friends and family are also likely to make comments on your posts, and their honest opinions in the comments could also be detrimental to your case. You might have some inconsistencies regarding the incident in your posts. There is also a chance that your posts on social media that are not related to the accident could suggest irregularities with your claims.

Suppose that you have filed a third-party lawsuit against the other party for causing severe injuries and you want to seek monetary compensation for your medical bills but you decide to post a work-out selfie at the gym when you are supposed to be recovering. In that case, the defense can use the fact that you are fit enough to go to the gym as a reason to devalue your settlement or outright refuse to compensate you. This can happen even if you post content that documents your physical therapy during the recovery process.

Things You Should Not Post On Social Media After An Accident

You might find it challenging not to post something on your social media profiles, especially if you happen to be quite active there. After all, something so traumatic happening in your life would most definitely warrant being shared with your friends, family, and followers. However, you should keep a lid on it and refrain from posting several things on social media until you have had detailed discussions with your lawyer.

Some of the things you should avoid posting on the internet regarding your accident include photos and videos of the accident, any private discussions you have had with your attorney, and any tags showing you with your friends and family after the accident. You should also be wary of accepting any friend requests you get from people you do not know after the lawsuit begins. If your profile is public, you should consider changing the settings to private.

Investigators from the defense for the at-fault party might be trying to look at your profile as part of their investigation to find anything they can use against you in your claim. Even checking in at the gym during a case where you are seeking compensation for personal injuries could be bad for your case.

Talk To Qualified West Palm Beach Lawyers Today

Experienced West Palm Beach car accident lawyers can help you get a favorable outcome for your case after suffering traumatic injuries due to an auto accident caused by the other party. Whether through negligence or other reasons, you deserve to get total compensation for the damages you have incurred if the other motorist wronged you.

Working with an attorney means that they will give you expert advice on the dos and don’ts surrounding your activities after the accident. They can guide you on what you should and should not do regarding your social media use. Additionally, you can rely on them to handle the complex legal procedures on your behalf.

You can count on them to negotiate adequate compensation for your injuries, deal with the other party’s insurance company and lawyers, and make a strong case if you have to take matters to court.

Consider talking to a lawyers if you have been involved in an accident where the other motorist involved was predominantly at fault for causing the crash. The team of car accident lawyers working at the firm has a stellar track record of getting desirable outcomes for their clients in various personal injury cases. They also work on a contingency fee basis, ensuring that you do not have to worry about their fees out-of-pocket. The lawyers will only get paid if they can help you win a settlement, and their payment will be deducted from the settlement offer. You will not have to pay them for the time and resources they invest in helping you win. 

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