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What are the Different Types of Address Verification API

The address verification API helps in processing the postal addresses. You need to verify your correct address right at the point of entry to avoid unforeseen circumstances and resources. The leading companies are integrating Real-time Global Address Validation API directly on the website and other Electronic Commerce applications, allowing the customers to correct errors instantly. There are different types of APIs offering validating, standardizing, and normalizing the address data.

Let’s discuss the different types of APIs available:

Address Validation API

The role of the API will check the authenticity of the address. It will verify the address from the official recognized database of different countries; if it is found similar it will mark the status as valid. The interesting fact about the US address validation API online is that it can validate up to 100,000 addresses per second. Let’s see some big names involved with this process.

  1. In the United States, USPS manages its official database. They do not allow any third party to create their APIs using the official USPS data. 
  2. Google offers Google Maps but they do not allow the users to validate the addresses. They come with restricted terms of service.


Address Standardization API

In the United States, the process of changing the addresses adheres to USPS standards. It is the process of modifying addresses and adhering to the official postal format of the country. Google will not be able to modify the address in the official database of the country.

Zip Code API

Mainly zip codes are used in the United States, zip codes are not to be mistakenly referred to as postal codes. In the United States, USPS can perform multiple functions and verifies that proper zip codes are affixed to it.  Let’s see how some big names perform the functions:

  • Among various address APIs offered by USPS, one of them is the ZIP Code lookup API is very important.  It provides information about the state and city and can process up to five lookup requests.
  • Google’s Geocoding API provides ZIP code information.

Address Autocomplete API

Unlike a name, an address autocomplete API suggests the user an address, when they are typing it. It is a common practice when a user is completing an order form of the almost same kind. This type of address API is useful and very much effective. The suggested address is formatted and validated. Well!! This saves a lot of time and money. Even Google address autocomplete API features correct time and reduces invalid addresses.

Geocoding API

It offers real-time identification and geographic coordinates of a specific location. It allows the users to identify the geocodes of specific locations and it depends on the input it has received. It can convert the postal addresses into latitude-longitude coordinates. The Geocode API can convert a thousand addresses at a time and is useful for several applications.

The address API provides automatic integration between the website and enterprise systems. It helps your business become more efficient and improved. Many companies offer installation services, which guide the user through the process.

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