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Traditional Dirndl Dress With Edelweiss Embroidery to a Skeptic

There are thousands of women who are currently planning their traditional German trip, but only a few of them know that, apparently, the dirndl dress with edelweiss embroidery is always a tradition in the present time. Surprisingly, this type of fashion was first introduced in the 19th century, which makes it perfect for a trip to Germany during that era.

The Edelweiss is a symbol of purity and is, therefore, part of the traditional costume and culture. It also lies in particular in the top hat emblem and winter edelweiss jacket, which has become much more fashionable recently.

With Oktoberfest right around the corner, you may be wondering what your German Dirndl attire options are. Unfortunately, if you and your girlfriends want to dress like true Bavarian beauties, you need to read this article before hitting any shop!

Oktoberfest Dirndl Dress this Year!

A dirndl is similar to a traditional Bavarian dress (which is often referred to as “Lederhosen”). Dirndls are known for their ‘waterfall’ front, ruffled lace sleeves, and skirt that flares out from the waist. Dirndls can be of all different colors and patterns. Some even have the traditional embroidered floral patterns that resemble those seen in the Bavarian regions. 

Let us first know what Edelweiss is. 

Meaning of Edelweiss

The flower edelweiss has been an integral part of the Alpine region’s traditional costume fashion for centuries. The star-shaped blossom is so unique and eye-catching that it has established itself as an enduring symbol of longevity and immortality.

Edelweiss is an elegant white flower that is popular for its beauty. It blooms from July to September and has up to 15 white bracts. Edelweiss is widely used in making perfumes which have a fresh and pleasant smell. It is still a symbol of courage, bravery, and love.

Beautiful legends surround the edelweiss, the national flower of Austria. One legend says that it is a star that fell from the sky, while another says that it was created from many tears. The most popular legend tells of an ice maiden who became heartbroken when she learned that her hunter had been unfaithful. As she cried, her tears froze and became edelweiss flowers on the mountain peaks where they landed.

Traditional Dirndl Dress and Edelweiss Accessories

Edelweiss, symbol of love and purity, is renowned as the flower of the Alps. It expresses love, belonging to a country and home and expresses high quality products and lifestyles. We have carefully selected dirndls for you and incorporated every element of edelweiss in them with great attention to detail.

Edelweiss accessories are the perfect complement to any traditional outfit. Dirndl Online Shop offers an extensive selection of dirndls, blouses and other accessories, all tastefully embellished with the Edelweiss flower. The Edelweiss motif can be seen in a variety of forms from pins and pendants to towels and can be paired with any outfit.

Other Accessories to Pair Your Dirndl Dress With 

Apart from the jewelry you can pair several other things with dirndl dress such as:

Dirndl Trachten Bags

Traditional German costumes, such as the dirndl and lederhosen, are still worn today on many occasions, from weddings and festivals to discos. Accessories such as felt bags help you complete your outfit in style. Here are two types of Dirndl Bags. 

  • Leather Handbags

Handbags crafted from leather are popular with ladies. They don’t just look traditional; they are traditional! Leather handbags go particularly well with Dirndl jewelry that contains leather elements, and they round off the classic look of a German dirndl dress.

  • Felt Bags

Felt bags, made from the wool of domestic sheep, are just as elegant as leather ones. The material is especially popular with teenagers and young Dirndl wearers, who like its lightweight and low price tag. Even people who consciously live without animal products can use felt bags as an alternative to leather ones. 

Dirndl Scarves 

Trachten scarves are a traditional part of the German costume and look great with dirndls. Since the beginning, Dirndls are used for special occasions such as an Oktoberfest party, but also for daily life, thus becoming a popular fashion item in Germany. 

However, the scarves patterns that are most common for Oktoberfest scarves include:

  • flowers and blossoms
  • oak leaves
  • animal motifs like deer or butterflies
  • hearts
  • sweets, e.g., gingerbread hearts

The Dirndl coat and scarf set the perfect tone for your favorite top underneath. You can also add accessories like earrings and bracelets to take your Dirndl look to the next level. If you are longing to buy dirndl accessories with Edelweiss embroidery or pattern? We have a suggestion for you.

You can get all these accessories at Dirndl Online Shop very easily. They have a wide range of all the accessories and dirndl for sale that will help you flaunt your dirndl dress beautifully!

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