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chinese money plant care

The Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Money Plant Care

Are you looking for a beautiful new addition to your houseplants? Consider the Chinese Money Plant. This plant is an easy-care succulent with attractive, shiny green foliage and a rapid growth rate. It’s low-maintenance, loves bright light, and is perfect as a beginner’s houseplant. If you’re ready to see what all the fuss is about, here’s the beginner’s guide to taking care of your Chinese Money Plant.


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Find the Right Spot

The Chinese money plant prefers bright spots in indirect sunlight. You want somewhere that receives lots of natural daylight without too much direct heat from the sun. If you can place it next to a window or skylight then even better! The North side of the building works best for maximum light exposure but no direct harsh sunlight radiation.

Keep Its Soil Just Right

Chinese money plants prefer well-draining soil that mimics its natural environment in tropical climates. An equal mixture of basic cactus soil and perlite makes for an ideal medium for maximum drainage with just enough hydration for the roots to thrive on. When repotting, make sure not to go any bigger than 1-2 inches above its current pot size as small pots help encourage stronger roots and healthy plant growth.

Water Regularly

Regular watering when using well-draining soil and smaller pots will keep your Chinese money plant happy year round while avoiding root rot caused by too much moisture in its roots; water every 5 days depending on how quickly it dries up in between watering cycles. You don’t want it to be sitting in standing water either – that’s another sign of overwatering! Place your index finger 2 inches into the soil before deciding whether or not it needs to be watered again – if it feels dry then let her have some H20!

Mist Regularly

In order to avoid brown spots on their delicate leaves which can be caused by dust build up, regular misting helps maintain air flow around the leaves so that dust won’t settle there in the first place; little extra humidity levels also help mimic their natural environment at home indoors even more closely! Mist twice weekly or every other day during summer months when temperatures start rising as this will give them enough relief from dry air exposure.

Fertilize During Growth Period

During their Spring/Summer growing season after they’ve had time adjust from winter dormancy, fertilizing each month will help them reach their full potential throughout this time period with lush healthy leaves showing off annual growth potential! Use a balanced liquid Orchid fertilizer diluted down by half and applied directly around root zone area – otherwise regular misting keeps them healthy year round without needing constant fertilization doses hanging over their heads all year long!

Chinese money plant care is essential for successful growth of one of the easiest houseplants to look after. Not only is the Chinese money plant, officially known as Pilei pepper modes, attractive but it’s also relatively foolproof, which makes it ideal for beginners to houseplant care. Growing a Chinese Money Plant is an easy and fun activity that can add some life and beauty to any home or office space. Here’s a beginner’s guide to Chinese Money Plant Care:

  • Water Regularly – As with most plants, the key thing to remember with caring for your Chinese Money Plant is that regular watering is essential for keeping it healthy and happy. Water once every couple of weeks, just enough so that the soil stays moist but not soggy – this will depend on your individual environment.
  • Provide Plenty of Light – Make sure to place your Chinese Money Plant in a spot with plenty of indirect light (but away from direct sunlight), such as next to an east-facing window or a bright spot in the living room. The more light it has access too, the faster its leaves will grow.
  • Feed Occasionally – Since these plants don’t need much fertilizer, you should only feed them once a month during their active growing season – spring through early fall – using a basic indoor plant food at half strength. During winter months when they’re not actively growing as much, you can cut back on feeding altogether or reduce frequency to every two months instead.
  • Repot When Necessary – To keep your Chinese Money Plant healthy and happy over many years you need to repot it annually in fresh soil around late spring or early summer when new shoots start appearing on existing growth stems. Be aware that even though they’re relatively slow-growing plants they do eventually outgrow smaller containers if left untouched for too long so be sure to move things up periodically (you can also splice off chunks from existing plants/cuttings).
  • Remove Dead Leaves – Remember also that regularly removing dead leaves from time with time will help reduce pests and diseases from occurring which could otherwise harm your beloved money tree!

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