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Beginner’s Guide to the Construction Business

An individual looking to build or construct as a business in any country could find themselves in an unfamiliar territory. Our editors have compiled this foolproof list of basics that a novice constructor would need handy while building their construction business from scratch: 1. Permits take Precedence Prior to even putting a shovel in the […]

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Why Your Business VoIP System Might Not Belong in the Cloud

Managed business phone providers deal mainly in voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology, which means they push cloud deployments almost exclusively since that’s most effective for them. And to be fair, it’s usually easier and cheaper for their customers as well, especially most small to midized businesses (SMBs). But the cloud still isn’t a universal solution for every organization. There […]

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6 Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

Nobody invites tax time. A pile of administrative work mainly attacks entrepreneurs. In any case, this is a decent time to begin taking a gander at your procedures for this year and start techniques for one year from now that will spare you a great deal of time and effort. Here are six tax tips […]

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