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Is wax liquidizer safe to use?

In the world of vapes, wax liquidizer is a fairly new term and product. The people in the industry have concerns whether the liquidizers are safe to use. This is mainly because there is a misconception that the components used in liquidizers may release carcinogenic compounds. Well, to help you out, we have put together this brief piece of information to tell you about wax liquidizers and are they safe to use or not. 

Wax Liquidizers 

In recent years, wax liquidizers have been designed for use with concentrates. With a wax liquidizer, wax and shatter are usually the most common concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are converted into vape juice using wax liquidizers, which is then consumed using a vaporizer. This method is applicable to shatter, wax, and other concentrates. The vape enthusiasts can follow a step-by-step process through which they can use the liquidizer with the concentrate. 

Are they safe to use?

Wax Liquidizer is recognized as a safe product by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is because it is made up of ingredients that are safe. Propylene glycol (PG) is a medical grade ingredient. The PG content includes PEG200 and PEG400. There are many edible products that contain PG, such as ice cream, soda, inhalers for asthma, baby products, and cosmetics. PG has even been approved for human inhalation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Use of PG in Industries 

In countless other manufacturing processes, PG and PEG are used because of their properties. Some of the industries in which PG is used include the baby food industry, soft drink industry, pharmaceutical industry and others. It is true that PG is classified by the FDA as a food-safe product in its various (600) classifications or else it wouldn’t be found in soft drinks and ice cream. 

Strength of PG Wax Liquidizers 

Typically, quite a few liquidizers contain vegetable glycol, also known as (VG). On the contrary, the wax liquidizers come with PG. The reason for using PG in wax liquidizers is because they are excellent stabilizers. Another reason for its use is that it stabilizes other ingredients in inhalers and beauty products. Since it has a thin consistency, it prevents other ingredients from separating. Due to its odorless and tasteless nature, it transfers these qualities to Wax Liquidizer, through which the original taste of the concentrate is preserved. This is the key benefit of PG. Other liquidizers that have other components may have the capability to change the taste of the overall product which may not provide the vapers with the same taste that they intended to experience. 

Smooth Vaping Experience 

In order to provide you with the smoothest vaping experience possible, Wax Liquidizer developed a proprietary blend of PG and PEG. Hence, not only do you get a safe vaping experience but one that you can enjoy! Also, Among Wax Liquidizer, you will find many flavors. However, you may notice that all of them contain natural fruits and herbs. To create the highest quality and consistency of vape oils on the market today, exact ratios of these flavorings are used in Wax Liquidizer products. 


Here we can conclude that wax liquidizers manufactured with PG are safe to use as they are approved by FDA and EPA. PG is being used in multiple industries for multiple purposes. All the active compounds utilized in the wax liquidizers are considered to be safe. However, there may still be risk for asthma, allergies and even cancer with excessive use. Hence, you must be rational with your decisions. 

We hope that this information will be beneficial for you!

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