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60 E-Series Light Duty Brush Grapple

How to increase productivity with the 60 E-Series Light Duty Brush Grapple

Grapples are an essential tool for many applications. They easily handle a variety of bulky objects like railroad ties, trees, large rocks, scrap and industrial debris.

They can also rake, dig and move brush, construction debris and logs without picking up dirt. But how do you choose the right grapple for your job?

Productivity Options

Whether you need to move logs into position or load and unload material, a grapple can help your operation run more efficiently than a bucket/thumb combination. For demolition and serious material handling, a rotating grapple can offer increased productivity by allowing you to grab items from all angles without moving the machine.

Grapples have adjustable tines that can be opened or closed by a hydraulic cylinder on each side of the attachment. They are designed to securely grip logs, rocks, brush piles, scrap metal and other materials during loading and unloading of loads. They also can be used for back dragging, raking, wedging and land leveling. Choose a rugged attachment that is robotically welded for strength and precision. Make sure the grapple matches your loader’s lift capacity and can handle the size of the material you plan to move.

Lift Capacity

When it comes to hefty chores like hauling in large rocks for landscaping or moving fallen logs and debris from brush removal to a firewood pile, nothing beats a grapple. But many people don’t have a grapple, or think one is beyond their budget.

That’s where the Add-A-Grapple comes in. It allows your loader to handle those tough, heavy chores that a regular front end loader bucket simply can’t.

Cat utility grapple buckets and forks are designed to grasp materials such as loose hay, straw or bedding material, dry compacted livestock waste and landscaping mulch. Industrial grapple forks also handle pierceable objects such as railroad ties, timbers and light demolition scrap.

The is available in a single model and double model. Both come in 60″ and 72″ widths and feature a wide opening. Each is robot welded solid for strength and precision and is made in the USA. Both models include cylinder guards, hydraulic fittings and skid loader compatible flat face couplers.


Industrial grapple buckets, rakes and forks are designed to handle bulky objects like railroad ties, large rocks, brush, construction debris, scrap metal and recycling materials. They also work well in land clearing, demolition and storm debris clean-up applications.

A grapple is much more productive than a bucket and thumb in most material handling applications but it does have additional upfront cost. Consider the benefits of a grapple for your application and if you can afford it, the initial price tag is well worth the increased productivity.

A lighter grapple is ideal for small loaders or compact tractors where weight is a factor. The Everything Attachments 55” Wicked Grapple weighs only 240# empty and is Made in the USA.


Cat utility grapple buckets and forks are perfect for handling light, hard-to-handle materials encountered on farm, ranch and landscaping projects. This includes bundled material, loose hay and straw, bedding materials, dry compacted livestock waste and landscaping mulch including pine straw. Industrial grapple rakes are also great for grasping objects such as railroad ties, logs, trees, large rocks, brush, recycling scrap and storm debris clean-up.

Our Economy Root Grapple is designed for smaller skid steers and compact tractors. Its lighter weight and durable construction makes it a no-brainer for farmers and homeowners.

The 60 E-Series Light Duty Brush Grapple is available with single or double tines in 42″, 48″ and 60″ rated capacities. The tines are constructed from ductile steel and feature grease points to reduce maintenance and wear. Cylinder guards and hose kit are standard on both models. Add a 3rd Function Valve Kit to complete your attachment package and increase the versatility of your skid steer or tractor.

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