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How do I get more followers on Instagram? Your Guide for Reaching 1,000 Instagram Followers

Instagram is a rapidly growing platform that enables people and companies to advance their careers in branding. Particularly for businesses, it’s a means to humanize the brand, find potential workers, highlight goods and company culture, draw clients, and expand current business.

However, it will require a lot of work to establish a large following on Instagram unless the company has a particular reputation.

How to Increase Instagram Followers

We’ll then lead you through the process of creating a respectable Instagram account, holding a fun competition, showcasing the benefits of your brand, and gaining the top 1,000 followers.

Create and improve your profile.

The first thing to do is customize your Instagram profile. Make it appealing, identify yourself to potential IG followers, and provide compelling reasons for people to follow. Please refer to the steps below:

First action:

Just as when naming a business line, make sure the user name is “recognizable” and “simple to search.” If the company name is already taken, you can still make it searchable by include the company name as part of the user name.

(Note: Be sure to include your entire business name in the “Name” section of the “Edit Profile” window. This name will appear beneath your profile photo and will show up when someone searches for you.

Second Step:

Ensure that public is selected in your profile. How to make personal information available: Please uncheck “Unpublish Account” under “Account Privacy Settings” in Instagram’s “Settings” menu.

Third action:

Select a headshot that reflects the branding of your business on other social networking sites, such as your company’s logo.

Forth step:

Include engaging, practical, and educational information about the brand in the self-introduction. This informs users of the account’s activities and offers them a reason to be interested. This includes who you are, what you do, and if possible, some personality.

Fifth Step:

So that visitors can access a personal or business website from Instagram, include a link to your bio. Use them judiciously because this is the only location on Instagram where you may post URL links. It is advised to shorten the URL before posting it so that people can click and browse (for example, utilizing free services like

Sixth step:

To see when someone shares or comments on an account’s Instagram images, enable alerts. This can hasten public participation, as many businesses do on Twitter. Please go to “Notification Settings” in “Your Activity” in Instagram’s “Settings” and uncheck “Turn off push notifications” before selecting Goread “From everyone” in each category to allow notifications.

In most cases, users will link their Instagram accounts to their Twitter and Facebook accounts so that Instagram updates will be automatically shared on other accounts. However, because to the distinct nature of the platforms, this may cause some difficulties.

Select a person to be in charge of content editing.

Instagram accounts are no different from other social media platforms in that they are often handled by at least one or two persons.

In order for you to be able to “handle” them right away, try to choose someone who has experience managing a personal Instagram account. Make sure they are aware of all the useful features Instagram has to offer.

If you work for a large company, you might discover that many employees have differing opinions about the content posted. In this case, you need a document that explains the requirements in clear terms and instructs employees on how to request that the account manager post content to the Instagram account.

Post what was asked, the date it was posted, its importance, and a brief explanation of why.

Enhance your editing and photography skills

Instagram places a high priority on post quality. While a few poor tweets may not bother Twitter followers, even one poor Instagram photo is unacceptable. This does not imply that you must enroll in photography courses in order to take excellent Instagram photos, but you should be familiar with the fundamentals of photography and photo editing.

Photographic expertise

Due to the fact that Instagram is a mobile application, most users will likely upload their IG images to their cell phone’s album. While some firms hire professional photographers for their Instagram images, the majority of them are still taken on smartphones because that’s how Instagram is meant to be used.

Photo editing abilities

If you want to create a great photo, sometimes Instagram’s simple editing tools won’t be sufficient. Other photo layout or editing apps are also resources that can be utilized to enhance photos.

Upload a photo to IG.

It is advised to upload 15 or more photographs before you actively begin building your Instagram following. As a result, when visitors visit the page, they will see a lot of images and realize that this user frequently uploads images.

It is advised to download the HubSpot-provided social media calendar template (social media calendar template; this template is in English) before beginning to publish IG news because it allows you to schedule future posts. To store a lot of images over time, albums can also be made.

Consider your target audience as you begin to plan your post content schedule because they may have an impact on the timing and frequency of your posts.

It may take some time and testing to tailor your release schedule to your intended audience. The research indicates that Monday through Thursday, with the exception of 3:00 to 4:00 PM, is the best time to post ( depending on the time zone of your target audience).

However, since the majority of Instagram users do so on their phones, users can access it whenever they want (although many users use it more after hours than at work). Additionally, several companies have discovered that Wednesdays at 2:00 am, 5:00 pm, and 7:00 pm are good posting times.

Organizing and distributing material

Although it’s nice to have just one or two individuals managing an Instagram account, they can’t be everywhere at once. You may wish to upload a lot of stuff on Instagram, but most of the time it may not be possible for one person or a small team to monitor everything that happens.

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