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Here’s How Citizen’s Protect Agents Keep You and Your Loved Ones Secure

The Citizen app is pioneering the future of personal safety. With violent crime going up across the United States, protecting you and your loved ones has never been a bigger priority. That’s why seasoned entrepreneur Andrew Frame launched the public safety app. The network shares reports of nearby crime and safety incidents, sourced from police scanner data and the wider community. The app also boasts a selection of innovative safety features that help users to protect themselves and the people that matter to them.

Groundbreaking Safety Features

Signing up to the Citizen app offers real-time insights into the safety-related incidents in your city. However, the safety features that this app affords you don’t start and end there. The community network includes incident reports, live videos, input from community members, and a subscription service that gives you an extra layer of protection. Should you want to see where your friends and family members are in real-time, there’s even a safety map. All of the above comes together to create a seamless safety system.

Traveling around a city shouldn’t be dangerous. Despite this fact, government data shows that most Americans now feel insecure in their community. A massive two-thirds of people would feel unsafe in a large US city, the same report showed. It doesn’t end there. 58 percent of current city dwellers say that they are ‘unsure’ about their safety in large cities. The numbers speak for themselves—all too many Americans are left feeling scared.

Whether you’re walking home late at night after a date, meeting a new person in a public place, or simply running errands, you deserve to feel supported and secure. Premium Citizen app subscribers have around-the-clock access to a trained Protect Agent. This professional can assist them and offer support whenever they are feeling unsafe in their surroundings. Having the agent on-call when you need them makes a big difference.

“We hear from our users all the time about how the app has helped them when they’ve had a close call or been in an emergency,” Andrew Frame, Founder and CEO of the Citizen app recently told Influencive. “It’s not one out of a million. You can talk to almost any Citizen user and get an interesting story on how it has helped them.”

Never Walk Alone Again

Since Andrew Frame launched the safety network app six years ago, its membership has grown and grown. To this date, there are more than 10 million users. That surge in popularity is a testament to what the entrepreneur has created. With Citizen app, users never have to walk alone and can check up on their family members throughout the day. Utilizing the latest technology to serve the community helps more people stay safe. Individuals who sign up to the premium subscription can expect the following:

●      24/7 Access to Agents

The Protect Agents are always ready to help serve Citizen app users. When you’re out and about, you can instantly get in touch with one of these high-trained support agents. For example, should you have a safety concern as you’re walking home after work, you can quickly contact an agent to monitor your surroundings for you. With access to your real-time location, audio input, and even video, there are plenty of ways they can help.

●      Citizen Incident Creation

Bringing the whole community together is at the core of the Citizen safety app. When you need help or support from the people nearby, you can create a Citizen Incident report. These posts are public, meaning that everyone on the app assists you. For instance, if you are concerned about the whereabouts of a loved one, you can ask if anybody in the local area has seen them. Having this level of support means that you will never walk alone.

●      Emergency Responders

Should you need an emergency team, contacting them has never been easier. Rather than having to dial 911 and speak to an operator, you can contact your Protect Agent. The professional will make sure that the correct emergency responders are dispatched to your exact location swiftly. That gives you the utmost confidence anywhere, any time.

The Future of Public Safety

Andrew Frame founded the Citizen app—albeit under a different name—back in 2017. Since then, the network has grown to become a major player in the realms of personal safety technology. Back in March 2021, the users of the app more than doubled.

Soon after that, the innovative team launched the Citizen Protect feature, boasting personalized mobile protection to Premium users of the app. The private helpline is available to these users at any time, day or night. Put simply, it’s the next best thing to having an agent by your side when you’re walking around the city.



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