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Georgia Contractor Continuing Education

Georgia Contractor Continuing Education

Getting a license for light residential commercial and residential basic contractors in the State of Georges requires them to undergo continuing education. The refresher course is mandatory to keep the license in a biennial agreement.

Continuing education in the state of Georgia can be got by two platforms, taking online classes or attending live seminars. But, one must meet a minimum of 50% of the needed hours from live seminars. On completing the classes take a Georgia Contractor Exam Prep to obtain the certificate.

Renewing a GA Contractor License

Here is a collection of the rules contractors need to follow when renewing their licenses in Georgia. The rules and regulations are extracted from the laws of Georgia Chapter 55-12. They are essential in helping you comprehend what is needed to keep the license.

A Review of License Renewal Process

By 30th June of every year, the law requires all general and residential contractors to submit the application fee for license renewal. However, if you miss the cut-off date, you have a window until the end of the year, but it comes with a penalty.

Things to keep in mind when renewing your license:

  • Pay the stipulated fee
  • Ensure your insurance sticker is valid for the current year
  • Tender the application for renewal
  • Ensure you follow the continuing education rule

For years, the renewal fee has been $100, but it’s subject to change by the board.

It’s prudent to say renewing your contractor license in Georgia is founded on keeping the four items highlighted above. Before initiating the process, ensure your insurance is valid to avoid any inconveniences.

Necessities For Georgia Residential Contractors

Most contractors tend to get worried about their license renewal because of the number of CE hours needed. Although you need to have a minimum number of hours of training, the good news is the hours are attainable. Your license type determines the number of hours needed before renewal is granted.

Basic Residential License

For this type of license, only 3 hours of CE education is required for the state of Georgia to approve license renewal.

Light Commercial License

When you are making a renewal of this kind of license, the state of Georgia demands you have 6 hours of CE every year.

Because of the ravaging pandemic, the Board conducted the CE virtually, but now you can live classes. Hence, you are only obliged to take 50% of the CE. Thus, for a basic residential license you will need 1.5 hours in person and the rest virtually. Remember, taking as many CE hours virtually makes life easier for you.

When looking for an educational provider for CE both digital and live hours, ensure they are approved by the state. On completing the training, keep at least for two years once you submit your request for license renewal. Keep in mind the state is free to conduct an audit and request for the certificate as proof of training.

For Georgia Contractor Continuing Education is needed every 2 years. Completion of CE allows you to start the license renewal through the online portal. The process is quite simple as the Board has laid down the instructions to help you complete the renewal process.

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