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Enjoy Hen Activities

Enjoy Hen Activities For Hen Parties

When planning a hen party, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy, such as a private screening of a favorite movie. Other activities include wine tasting, bowling alleys, cocktail making classes, and afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a perfect way to celebrate a hen activities. You and the girls will be able to catch up with each other while savoring delicious treats and drinking champagne.

Many hotels offer afternoon tea as part of their hen party packages. These packages usually include a selection of sandwiches, cakes and drinks. The price ranges depending on the venue. Generally, afternoon tea is a budget-friendly option for groups of up to 10.

There are a number of different venues where you can host an afternoon tea. You can either go to a chain restaurant or a swankier hotel. If you want to be more unique, you can arrange a private tea party. However, it can be a little messy.

Afternoon tea is a British tradition. It originated from a woman named Anna of Bedford in the 1880s. She couldn’t wait to enjoy a morning meal before her evening meal.

Bowling Alleys

Bowling alleys are a fun and affordable way to have some feisty female’s chuckle and have some fun before the evenings out. For the most part, this is a sport that can be enjoyed by women of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a low-key hen do or want to get the girls together for a weekend of boozing, bowling is a fun and affordable option.

The big surprise here is that you can play bowling at a number of different places. Some even have private lanes. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to take in a game of laser tag. This is a fun twist on the traditional bowling alley experience.

Aside from the traditional bowling and karaoke, All Star Lanes also offers a fun and frolicsome party package. Known as the Pink Fizz, this package includes unlimited bowling, pink fizz and a complimentary brunch.

Wine Tasting

If the bride to be is a wine lover, then a wine tasting activity is the perfect way to celebrate her special day. It is a classy event that will live long in her memory.

Wine tasting is an excellent hens party idea, whether it is for a girl’s night out or a more intimate bridal shower. The activity teaches the guests the basics of wine and food pairings. There are also fun wine tasting games that make the event even more enjoyable.

Wine tasting hen parties can be held at various locations. These include the winery or a hired venue. A sommelier will guide the group through the wine tasting exercise.

The most popular wine tasting snacks are breadsticks, olives, dried fruit, cheese, and mini bottles of wine. These can be personalised with the bride to be’s name or a photo.

Cocktail-Making Class

If you are looking for a fun hen party activity, then a cocktail-making class is an ideal choice. A cocktail making class is a hands-on, interactive experience where guests learn the secrets of creating classic and innovative drinks. The class is held at a location of your choice, either at a venue or in your own home.

Cocktail-making classes are available in many locations across the UK, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brighton, and Bristol. Depending on your requirements, your package can include all the equipment needed for the class, including glasses and shakers, as well as recipes and ingredients.

Mixology sessions are perfect ice breaker activities for hen parties, birthdays, or corporate events. Learn how to make delicious cocktails and muddled drinks with a professional barman.

Your party can enjoy a 90-minute cocktail-making class at a venue or at your own home. This session includes three demonstration drinks, an introduction to mixology, and a photo opportunity. You will be accompanied by a mixologist who will explain how to use the equipment and encourage your creative juices.

Private Screening of Her Favorite Movie

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to watch a good flick. In fact, I have a bad habit of tagging along with my husband to the movie theater. That is unless he’s watching the big game, at which point it’s time to be on the home team. It’s also the opportune time to reminisce about the good old days of yore when life was a lot less stressful and you had your druthers. The following montage of a few of my dearest is a veritable time flier. And that’s all the more reason to make sure the big day is a special occasion and not a hazmat. To make the best of the situation a nonissue, I enlisted the help of my best man.

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