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Selecting the Right College

You should read this if you have high school-aged kids and are thinking about sending them to study abroad in the US. If you simply want to learn more about how universities operate in nations other than India, you can read this as well: When my son, who is currently finishing his junior or third […]

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How Am I Going to Pay for College?

Various elements affect how a student pays for college. When should a student begin “saving” for college? Is this a crucial topic that needs to be addressed? My response to that query is, “When the student is born on this planet.” The most fortunate students are those whose parents started saving money as soon as […]

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Top Advantages of Attending a Career College

There are excellent educational alternatives to the regular universities and colleges if you are a graduating senior or perhaps you need a career change. Many people are starting to realize the many advantages of attending a career college rather than devoting a lot of time and resources to the traditional higher educational institutions of learning. […]

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Why You Should Consider a Community College First?

Let’s be honest. Community colleges don’t get the regard they merit: They’re short in contrast with the tall elite-level colleges; they will not at any point make prom lord or sovereign, and a community school won’t ever have the option to squeeze into its thin pants. But, on the other hand, community colleges or neighborhood […]

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